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Pumptronics: A Customer-Focused Company

Paul Penelton founded Pumptronics Incorporated back in 1989. With a background in pumps and fluid mechanics, he realized that companies were underserved by having to rely on standard pumping solutions that did not meet all their needs. His goal was to create truly customized pumping solutions that not only met customer needs, but went further by reducing operating costs, labour maintenance costs, energy costs, and optimizing performance in a cost-effective solution. The only way to do that was to establish direct relationships with customers. This allowed him to obtain invaluable information about customer needs, the most valuable of which was the need for rapid, onsite customer service. Pumptronics Incorporated became, by default, a customer-focused company that did everything - design, construction, installation and after-sale support. 

The company was founded on Paul’s Six Guiding Principles:

  • Develop direct relationships with clients in order to reduce costs and learn about their needs
  • Develop customized products tailored to specific customer requirements, 
  • Build innovative, reliable, durable and cost-effective products, 
  • Empower all employees to practice the golden rule**,
  • Provide complete customer satisfaction, 
  • Deliver lifetime customer support.

To this day, these principles are embodied in the people who make up our friendly, dedicated, customer-focused culture… and they are the reason we do what we do. We are driven by customer retention. To this day, we have hundreds and hundreds of happy and satisfied customers.

** Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

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