The Agriculture industry is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to irrigation. The water irrigation season is short, but demanding for farmers. Pump system reliability, and ability to deliver water when needed, are key. Water sourced from man-made ponds or creeks is always questionable in terms of availability and water quality. A pump failure can result in thousands of dollars of losses due to lower crop yields from lack of enough water. Getting power to rural irrigation reservoirs is expensive and sometimes impossible. Skilled labour to set-up and operate pumping systems is also a challenge in many areas.

Pumptronic solutions can address the irrigation challenges faced by farmers using customized automated pumping technology. Our multi-pump, variable speed control platform provides a reliable and efficient system to satisfy the agricultural irrigation needs. Automated Diesel Pumping Systems can provide a reliable, flexible, and relatively low-cost water irrigation solution where power is not available. Our electrical pump stations can work with single-phase 110v power where 3-phase power is not available, or too expensive to install. They can also be custom designed to process dirty water while maintaining reliability and longevity, and to pump large volumes of water while providing flexibility in water use. 

Farmers benefit from our custom automated solutions in a variety of ways. Because of the diversity and flexibility of our customized pumping solutions, farmers are not limited in their ability to irrigate their crops. Diesel automation, in particular, saves costly manpower… and with optional filtration equipment also reduces sprinkler and valve wear and tear. Remote monitoring keeps you informed 24/7 and ensures continuity of water flow.


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