Commercial pumping applications include a variety of uses such as  booster pump systems for potable water, dewatering applications and rain water harvesting systems for irrigation systems, cooling towers or other uses. The key concerns are reliability, safety, space limitations and cost. Reliability and safety are particularly important. Any possibility of pump or pipe leaks in the system could be disastrous for the building. Pumping solutions must be easy to use, and immediately provide alerts if problems do occur.

Pumptronics domestic water booster stations address all these issues. Variable speed technology, coupled with PLC control, provides customers with the flexibility that they need. Our solution costs can often be recouped quickly compared with the costs of constant speed pump stations, and reduce operational costs over the long term.  Optional automated remote monitoring capability can immediately alert service staff so they can quickly resolve any issues with minimal inconvenience and downtime. Our customization abibilties allow us to design solutions that can  fit into tight spaces.  In fact many of our pumps are designed to fit through 32” wide doors for easy installation.

Pumptronics also has extensive experience with cistern based de-watering and rain water harvesting applications.  For rain water harvesting, we offer both centrfugal and submersible pump station solutions with the ability to automatically switch to a domestic water supply if the cistern runs empty.  We also offer both pressure driven or irrigation or other start signal options to meet any requirements. For more information, see our "Leeds and Rain Water Harvesting" page. 

Whether you want a basic system or a highly sophisticated pressure control based system with monitoring capabilities, Pumptronics has a solution to fit your needs.


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