Water Feature Pumps

Water parks, theme parks and residential and commercial landscaping require water feature pumps to elevate water and also to move large volumes of water quickly.  


Pumptronics designs and builds water feature pump systems for a wide variety of uses including landscape designs, large volume vertical waterfalls, slide systems, artificial streams, fountains, and other applications. The flexibility of custom, automated design allows the pumping solutions to incorporate a variety of features such as fail-safe mechanisms, alerts, event logging, and remote monitoring and control to reduce energy, labour, and operational costs.


Industrial Water Pumping Systems

Industrial environments are particularly demanding for pumping systems. You could be pumping fluids that are under high pressure ... 

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Golf Course Pump Stations

Large amounts of water are required to maintain the quality of turf demanded by athletes and golfers. Depending on the location ...

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Custom Water Management Solutions

Pumptronics was founded on the premise of designing, building, installing and servicing custom, automated pumping solutions ...

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Oil and Gas Industry Water Pumps

The Oil and Gas industry faces a number of challenges in recovering fossil fuels. The methods that are chosen are dependent on ...

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