One the most critical functions of a municipality is to provide safe drinking water to its residents. Providing reliable, clean, and contamination-free water is at the top of the list of priorities of every municipality. The issue becomes cleaning the water when the resources may be lakes or deep wells high in unwanted mineral content. Moving the water to the end-user can be challenging with high flow demands, early in the morning (before work), and then again in late afternoon (after work).

It’s not just the cost of moving water but also the concerns about cleaning the water and concerns over serious water contamination. Of course with water going down the tap, shower, and toilet, there is also the great demand to deal with the water so it can be safely re-used in other situations such as for irrigation purposes. This requires the movement of the wastewater to treatment plants from all elevations around the municipality.

Pumptronics technology with multi-pump, variable-speed control provides a reliable, efficient way to satisfy the needs of any large city or town. Multiple pumps provide both back up, if one should go down, and also provide the extra boosting power needed during extreme peak periods of water use. With new technology in filtration using UV filters, Membrane filters and RO filtration, clients can be assured that the product coming out of their tap is purer than ever before. Wastewater can be safely handled and treated to the point it is drinkable again, although it is generally used for other purposes, or safely disposed of in lakes. Our system designers and technicians can design and support innovative, highly reliable, and fully automated systems that can deal with everything related to the movement and safe filtration of this most valuable commodity.

Our custom solutions can be tailored to the exact needs of any municipal water system and can scale and grow to accommodate population growth. We can accommodate smaller municipality with cost-effective, packaged, pre-tested pumping and filtration systems. Hydraulic and electrical controls are paired and set-up by experts with years of experience in both areas of water treatment and filtration.  


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