Leed and Rain Water Systems

A number of municipalities and developers now see the need to capture onsite rainwater and use it for irrigation and other purposes so it does not overburden municipal storm water pipe systems. Irrigation often occurs on multiple levels (ground level, terraces, green roofs) making pump selection difficult and often leading to poor performance on upper levels of buildings and high-rise condominiums. Rainwater storage is often not enough to accommodate the water needs for all irrigation requirements. Cisterns and storage tanks often found in confined spaces and make it difficult certified technicians to work in them.

Pumptronics offers multiple solutions to address these issues including submersible in-cistern pumps and external centrifugal pumps that operate outside the cistern to accommodate any need. We design the systems based on your needs for flow and pressure. We understand the engineering requirements of pumps and piping systems, including the effects of pipe friction loss and elevation. Control panels are designed to automatically switch between rainwater and potable water, based on the water level in the cistern. We provide turnkey solutions including installation, “confined space” certified technicians, and after sales onsite service.

Our fully automated, turnkey pumping solutions mean peace-of-mind, and proper operation and reliably for the life of the system. They will use rainwater whenever it is available and automatically switch to a potable water supply ONLY when cistern is empty in order to minimize the amount of potable water used.

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