ESP Transfer Stations

Pumptronics can work with companies to custom design pump stations and pipe networks to suit a variety of water transfer applications. An ESP Transfer Station is one type of solution for maintenance-free underwater pumping applications. 

Pumptronics portable ESP transfer pumps utilize variable frequency drive technology to allow the user to pump large quantities of water long distances to remote sites.  Utilizing submersible pumps and motors encased in stainless steel screens that meet department of fisheries guidelines; these units can transfer up to 7 cubic meters per minute, and provide pressures up to 2,000 kPa for long runs.  Higher rates and pressures can be obtained using multiple pumps.

The sophisticated control panels can be remotely accessed and can monitor and react to lake levels, flow information and alarms.  The remote control system can run multiple pumps simultaneously, and can dramatically reduce the amount of manpower required by manual pumps systems, improving safety concerns and reducing manpower costs.

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